Monday, April 27, 2015

Waiting for the Mail

For just about every day for the last three weeks or so, I have walked to the mailbox and looked for something - an envelope from DSS with notice of a court date for Evie.  Her mom's 90 days after the last time she messed up is the end of this month.  And from what Sunshine has said, mom seems to be doing what she is supposed to do.  So I expected that mom's lawyer would request a court date sometime in May and that we would get notice of it sometime in April.  (As much as my brain KNOWS - from everything I have read and experienced - NOT to "expect" that anything will happen on any kind of timeline, I still do it anyway!)  So every day when I have opened the mailbox, I have expected to see a court notice.  And every day it has not been there.  One day last week, I got my hopes up as I grabbed the mail out of the box and saw an envelope with the DSS logo on it.  That was notice of the next Foster Care Review Board meeting, which will be next week.

So here we still sit in limbo-land... 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Visit Emotions

Evie had a visit today with her mom and dad. 
And, yet again, for the third time out of the last four visits... about 2 hours after bedtime, I hear crying from upstairs.  When I walk up there, Evie is still sound asleep - and crying. 
I know the effects of visits could be so much worse. 
But my heart hurts.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Solo Hairdo

Last week was the first time that I created a hairdo all on my own without the help of my Go-To blog.  I made the two different types of styling with the intention of putting a headband in between the two, but it didn't turn out looking good that way so we just went with it as-is.


I was reading the story of Moses to Evie tonight, and it said that the queen's daughter found Moses in the basket in the river and adopted him. 

Evie said, "What's 'dopted mean?"

I went into a fairly in-depth explanation (much more detailed than I would normally answer a question during a book, especially at bedtime). 

I'm glad that the opportunity presented itself for that conversation, so that if her case goes to termination of rights, she will have some concept of adoption. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Conversations with Evie

Last night, I fixed a beef stir fry lo-mein type dish for dinner.  It had fresh spinach wilted into the dish.  (I don't use spinach very often in cooking.)  Evie said, "I know what this green stuff is... spinach."  She took a bite and said she liked it.  Then toward the end of eating her dinner, she said, "Let me see if I like the spinach."  She took a bite of just the spinach, pondered for at least thirty seconds, and then said, "I do like it!  Thank you for fixing me spinach for dinner, Miss Allison!"  (It was a pretty tasty dish, if I do say so myself, but what five-year-old - especially one who hardly ever had vegetables before - says "thank you" for spinach?!)

Evie was talking to her mom on the phone last night.  Mom said she had recorded The Swan Princess for Evie.  Evie asked, "What's a swan?"  Mom: "It's kind of like a geese."  Evie: "Like a goose?"  I thought it was very interesting that my five-year-old was correcting her mom's grammar.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Evie had a visit with her mom today.  She got three pre-made Easter baskets and an Easter bucket; and a dress from her grandmother.  I always sit down with her when she comes home to catalog everything she gets.  Everything smelled like smoke (it always does).   When I pulled the Easter grass out of the bucket to see what was at the bottom, the smell took my breath away, and I involuntarily made some sort of face.  Evie said, "What happened?"  I said, "Nothing... It just smells like smoke."  I know I shouldn't have said that; it just came out.  So then she smelled it and said, "Yeah, ewww, it smells like smoke."  I told her I thought it was just the grass and that we would throw the grass away.  Then before she went to bed, I had her try on the dress to make sure it fit before I took the tags off and washed it.  When she put it on, she said, "This smells like smoke, too." 

At this point, I'm kind of glad she is not talking to her mom every night because I'm sure that Evie would make some comment like "The stuff you gave me smelled like smoke" the next time she talked to her.  Hopefully, by the next conversation they have, Evie will have forgotten about that. 

I do not like the fact that everything that comes in the house reeks of smoke.  But the saddest thing is thinking, as I'm putting the dress into the laundry, "This is what Evie would go to school smelling like if she is with her mom." 

Monday, April 6, 2015


As you may remember, I had to file a paper amendment to my taxes because Evie's mom had claimed her when I was the one eligible to do so.  I got my additional federal tax refund today, so hopefully the state one is not far behind!

Photo Journal

Evie and my nephew went to the local "Kids' Fair."  Admission is $1 each, and hundreds (?) of local businesses set up tables with information, crafts, and/or activities (bean bag toss, face painting, animals, etc).  There was a table giving away free bike helmets and another giving away books.  There are usually inflatables but it was raining that day so they weren't out.  Evie at least got to try the climbing wall. 
 Petting a snake
 Getting a glitter tattoo
This is as far as she made it up the wall.
We attended "Art Night" at her school.  It was pure chaos but right up her alley as there were so many crafts, instruments, and building blocks.  She also came away with a free book. 
We went out of town to visit my dad and family.  My stepmom and sister took Evie and my nephew to a new candy factory in town for a Peeps making class, and they all had a blast!
Evie started swim lessons this past week.  This was ALSO pure chaos, and I'm not sure how much she will learn.  It is a class for 3-5 year olds, and none of the kids listened to directions so Evie followed suit (although she is VERY capable of doing what she is supposed to - and usually does.) 

We dyed Easter eggs.

Evie participated in four different egg hunts:
one at school,
one at our house on Easter day with my nephew,
one at a local playground at night - a flashlight egg hunt,
and one at my friend's house with their daughter. 
We had Easter dinner with my mom, sister, and nephew.  That afternoon we all decorated cupcakes. 
 (my nephew's "monster Easter bunny" cupcake is 2nd from the left, and Evie's is on the right)

As you can tell, we've been busy!  Happy Spring!

Tank's Going to Be a Big Brother

Yesterday I went to take Tank a birthday present and visit with him for a while.  They have court this week, and from what I gather, Tank's mom is a little immature and very well may not let me see him anymore if he is reunited with her.  However, from what I also gather, it is not highly likely that will happen this week.  His caseworker and Guardian ad litem are both recommending he stay where he is (per his aunt). 

What I learned while I was there (keep in mind this is all through the eyes of an aunt on Tank's dad's side):
- Tank's mom has not been to see him in a month.
- There has been drama between Tank's mom and his dad's family concerning visits.
- Tank's mom is pregnant, so there may be another child coming in care soon. :(
- Tank's dad felt like I should be able to still see Tank if I wanted; his mom, not so much.
- Tank eats pretty much anything (it's obvious by his big 'ol belly!)
- Tank is walking now!  He was sooo cute toddling around. 

I took some Easter cupcakes we had made.  His aunt gave him one, and he devoured it!  There was yellow frosting and blue cake all over his face and in his nose.  He will definitely know what to do with his birthday cake!

I'm so thankful that his aunt has let me see him and know how he's doing.  She has been so sweet to me.  And it's obvious that she has been so sweet to Tank, too, and that's the most important thing!