Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Book Review: Busy Baby

One day when I took Tigger to the doctor, we got this book.  He LOVED it and talked to the baby on each page.  He would always look to the side of the book that had the baby's face on it. 

Now Elmer also interacts with this book.  He doesn't talk to the babies but has started smiling at some of them.  The one below is his favorite!  Interestingly enough, his second favorite is one that Tigger didn't talk to.

The book seems so simple (just one short sentence and a baby's picture on each page) but I'm realizing that this is a GREAT book for the six-ish month age group.  And apparently it is only one in the Baby Days series.  This book is definitely staying in my infant book rotation!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Slow Down!

Not even seven months old, and last night he rolled from his back to his side and pushed up onto his arm.  I waited to see what he would do.  He stayed in this position at least thirty seconds, and then lowered onto his elbow and rolled back to his back. 

Little one, you need to stop growing up so fast!!

Music Monday: When I See You Smile

That smile. 
Brightens up my every day.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Previous Placement Updates

Tank's aunt texted me a bunch of pictures this week.  He is sooooo precious.  He has a head full of curly hair and still has rolls going up his arms.  He will be two this month.  It's hard to believe my first baby is almost two! 

My nephew Bop keeps asking about Evie and saying that he misses her.  So I texted Evie's mom last week and asked if I could come pick her up and take her to Ch*ck E. Ch--se's with Bop since it was spring break.  I never got a response.  :(  I hope everything is okay.

What Elmer's Mom Brought for Him at the Visit

Because every six month old needs a big pile of stuffed animals.

What Happened in That Half a Mile?

Yesterday, JATH was scheduled for a visit with TT's baby at 4:00 and with Elmer at 4:30. 

I was looking forward to her visit as Elmer had had a visit with his mom on Thursday and I wanted to hear how it went.  JATH was also supposed to ask his mom what his middle name is, so I wanted to find that out.  (I'm fairly certain I will change Elmer's first name if I adopt him, but I want to know what his middle name is, as I may keep that; and if so, that may affect what first name I will use.)  I also was wanting to ask her about what was next in terms of Elmer's dad. 

At 5:00, I texted JATH asking if she was still planning to come.  I didn't get a response.  At 5:15, I texted TT and asked if JATH was still at her house.  She said, "No, she left here about 20 minutes ago.  I asked if she was headed to your house now, and she said yes."  Then I called JATH and got no answer - I left a voice mail.  I still have not heard anything back from her. 

So I'm wondering... what happened in that half a mile between TT's house and my house?? 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Elmer is Growing and Doing New Things!

I realized that I haven't really posted much about all the amazing things Elmer has been learning. 

Between three and four months:

 He started rolling over from back to stomach!

 Lying on his stomach with cousin Bop watching TV.

Um, Elmer, let's go back to that sleeping through the night thing!!

Just a cute shot of Elmer snuggling his monkey blanket.

Between four and five months:
 He started grabbing his feet.

 He got his first Valentine's Day card,

and celebrated his first Valentine's Day.

 He started eating cereal (and was a champ from the beginning - he opened his mouth as soon as the spoon came near it!)

 and then ate more foods - making a mess of some of them!

Between five and six months:
 He started sitting up in the stroller and on the "sit up" side of the bathtub. 

 And was working on sitting up in general.

First time in the big swing.  He laughed immediately.

 He celebrated his first St. Patrick's Day,

and first Easter.

 Checking out what the Easter bunny brought him.

I feel like I'm going to blink and he will be walking!