Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's Just for the Money

60 hours with me. 
1 hour at the doctor's office.
24 hours at the hospital.
19 total hours of sleep (for me). 
1 stretch of sleep not quite six hours (last night); all the other stretches no more than four.
2 hour-long 2am parties.

My payment for taking care of Machine Gun for three days will be $38.

But foster parents just do it for the money.

Machine Gun

Around 4:00 on Sunday afternoon, I took Machine Gun (his laugh often sounded like a little machine gun) to the pediatrics after-hours clinic because he had been wheezing and had stridor since he got here.  Machine Gun ended up getting transported to the local children's hospital and then got admitted overnight.  We finally left the hospital at 5:00 yesterday, and had somewhat of a rough night last night. I stayed home from work today, and then the investigator came to get him today at 1:30 to take him back to his mom. 

Machine Gun was such a cute, sweet little boy.  He was so happy - as long as I was sitting close to him.  The minute I stood up (even if I was still in his sight), he started screaming.  He had to be rocked to sleep - and held for at least 15 minutes before he was asleep enough to not wake up and scream when I put him down.  When the investigator brought the official paperwork, I saw that he is actually almost eleven (not nine) months old.  I learned that he was born ten weeks early (so should be doing things that an eight-month old is doing), but his motor skills were actually on par with his actual age of ten months.  He was so active!  But he was less stable than he thought he was; he fell a lot, but only once cried when he fell.  He was so snuggly and cuddly. 

I'm glad he's back with his mom, but I sure will miss that cute little guy!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Baby Boy

I am up waiting for the investigator to bring the placement paperwork to me, so figured I would write before things get too hectic. 

Investigator dropped off nine-month old Baby Boy (blog name TBD) a little before midnight, and then had to go to the DSS office about twenty minutes away to get the paperwork.  She was also going to pick up some of the formula he needs (I have some formula here that I had bought for the little one that didn't end up coming earlier this week, but it's not the right kind for him).  He ate some cereal and applesauce, and I just finally put him down asleep in the crib a few minutes ago. He was so wide-eyed for a long time while I sat there and rocked him.  He didn't cry as long as I was holding him, but it was obvious that he did NOT know where he was and he was confused by it. 

They said that he was removed due to poor judgment of the parent(s) and they anticipate he will be returned to either parent(s) or family after court this week.  But this is foster care, and I am much less na├»ve than I was when Evie was placed.  I know to expect anything! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Always a Roller Coaster

After getting boxes of infant stuff out of storage, and washing baby girl clothes and linens and bottles, and getting a swing from a friend of mine, I got a call this morning that Baby Girl would be going to live with her grandfather after court today. 

I don't know if I'd rather have no time to prepare for a new child; or have all weekend to prepare for a child that doesn't end up coming.  Either way, it's always a roller coaster!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Dreams

I once wrote about my crazy dreams.  When Evie left, I knew I would start having them again.  And sure enough, the FIRST NIGHT that she was gone (even though I was at someone else's house), I jumped up out of bed freaked out about where she was.  And then a week or two later, I had the same craziness of walk downstairs/turn off the alarm/open doors to search for Evie. 

Yesterday I got a call for a 2 1/2 month old baby.  I thought she was coming yesterday, but now they are saying it will probably be Monday.  And sure enough, thirty minutes after I went to sleep, I bolted upright in bed, heart pounding, freaking out about where the baby was and if I had fed her.  She hasn't even gotten here yet, and I'm already having my crazy dreams!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

My Mountain Retreat

Last weekend, I took a solo trip to a little cabin outside of Asheville for some R & R.  It was just what I was looking for!  The weather was BEAUTIFUL - mostly 70's and no rain. I spent a lot of time driving through the mountains and along the Blue Ridge Parkway with the windows down and relaxing music playing. I got in a lot of hiking and visiting waterfalls. I spent one afternoon relaxing at a spa on the top of a mountain. I grilled chicken on the porch one night and had many meals sitting relaxing on the porch. I relaxed in the hot tub on the porch at night with the sound of the frogs croaking and the sun going down.  I could get used to this!!
I have not gotten any placement calls since Evie left.  I was "kind of" on a break.  Ironically, I got two different placement calls while I was out of town.  I didn't get the messages until hours and hours later because I had very spotty cell phone service; and I wouldn't have been able to say yes anyway.  Now waiting for the next one...

Moore Cove Falls 
Looking Glass Falls
Having dinner on the porch

360 degree views from the top of Craggy Pinnacle
Lunch on top of the mountain