Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Ornament

I bought Elmer a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. 

I am packing up ornaments and trying to decide what to do with it - put it in the box with the rest of my Christmas ornaments or put it in a separate place with "his" stuff. 

Either way, if he leaves, the ornament will go with him because I got it for HIM.  But I think I'm going to put it in my box on faith that he will still be here next year. 

That may be a huge mistake, but sometimes you just have to believe in something.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Pumpkin and Elmer

My two sleeping babies shortly after Elmer arrived.

Jealousy.  One night I was holding Elmer and Pumpkin came and sat on top of Elmer's lap.

Pumpkin does not like Elmer's screechy cry and will leave the room any time he hears it.  In this picture, Elmer was happy when I set him down and didn't cry.  But Pumpkin looked at him with the expression of, "What did you just put next to me?!"

Photo Journal

The night I picked up my bald-headed baby


He was looking up at the yellow mirror above and smiling and talking

Elmer sleeps so well being all swaddled up

My dad was here for several days shortly after Elmer arrived.  All he did was hold the baby, which was great because I could get some other things done.  He loved that Elmer gripped onto his finger.

Our first attempt at tummy time (7 wks old)

Elmer loved lying under the Christmas tree with all its lights

Monday, December 14, 2015

One Month With Elmer

This weekend marked one month that Elmer has been with me.  Here are some of the great things that are happening:
- Initially, he was never settled if he was awake and not being held.  Even when held, he was sometimes restless and fussy.  Now he is often content to lie on the floor smiling at his play gym, or on the couch smiling at the fan/light.  When held, he usually snuggles down and is completely content (except when his reflux is bothering him). 
- He initially had a very high-pitched, squeaky cry.  Now he only does this cry occasionally. 
- He is now smiling ALL the time and vocalizes in response to me talking to him.  He also laughed twice for me this weekend, when I was laughing at him.
- He is a GREAT sleeper at night.  He does wake up once in the middle of the night to eat; but I swaddle him back up after the feeding, and he goes right back to sleep.  A couple of nights in the last week, he has slept eight hours, so I'm hoping this may become a more common thing.  (He actually has been a great sleeper since night one - I swaddled him, and he only woke to eat and then always went right back to sleep.) 
- He rolls to his side, is lifting his legs when he is lying on his back, is kicking and moving his legs and arms more, and is lifting his head better when placed on his tummy. 
- He gained 1 lb, 4 oz in the first three weeks that he was with me!  His little face is starting to get chubby. 

Other things that are happening:
- My cat is JEALOUS.  He does not like Elmer's screechy cry and will almost always leave the room when he starts crying.  However, when Elmer is calm and sleeping while I am holding him, Pumpkin will often jump into my lap, too... and even once sat on Elmer's lap as he was lying on mine. 
- He has been sick with virus/respiratory issues.  He was miserable for most of last week, but is feeling much better this week, even though he continues to be congested and coughing.
- The daycare workers love him and hold him all the time. 
- No happenings on the case front.  I don't believe mom has been in contact with anyone at DSS still.

Elmer is such a sweet baby, and is adjusting just fine!  I will try to post some pictures in the next few days.