Tuesday, May 9, 2017

This is Foster Care

Getting a call at 4:30 and responding that you will accept the placement.  Being told that the caseworker will call with more information.  The caseworker does not call, but finally shows up at the door at 8:30 with the child.  This is foster care.   (At least the child is the age that I was told... I've heard stories of a 6 year old showing up when they said they would accept a 2 year old!)

A little 22-month old who is scared to walk into a house.  Hugsy (the new little boy) resisted walking into both my mom's house and daycare on Monday morning (which was converted from a house), and made me pick him up.  The last time you walked into a house with the person you were most familiar with (the investigative caseworker), she left you with a complete stranger and didn't come back, so you don't really trust walking into a strange house anymore.  This is foster care. 

Hugsy crying in his sleep, which then wakes up Elmer, who points to the crib and says, "Happy...happy!" (wanting Hugsy to be Happy).  Elmer crying because I have to go take food off of the stove, which then wakes Hugsy up.  And then finally just putting a comforter in the middle of their floor and lying down with one on either side so they would both go back to sleep.  This is foster care.

Less than 72 hours after the child arrives, the caseworker picks him up and takes him back home after the probable cause hearing because the judge rules that there was NOT probable cause to remove the children.  This is foster care.  (At least I was told they were picking him up and was able to say goodbye.)

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