Saturday, April 8, 2017

One Crazy Request

A month or so ago, I got a voice mail from Elmer's mom.  She said she wanted to talk to me about some plans for the upcoming weekend.  I was actually home from work that day, but decided I would call her back after Elmer went to bed. 

Well, I didn't even have a chance.  Within a couple of hours, she had texted to ask if I would consider going on a mini vacation with them to M*rtle Beach for the weekend - "I would get you guys your own room of course, and you could bring a friend as well... We will take care of all expenses... Please please consider this... I really hope you take me up on the offer."


It's a crazy request no matter what, but we had not even had any contact since late September... other than a short "Merry Christmas" text and a couple of texts the week before when she was trying to get some clothes to me for Elmer. 

I didn't even know what to say.  We already had plans that weekend, but even if we didn't... NO, I do not want to go hang out for the weekend out of town with you... NO, I do not think that is appropriate... NO, I do not trust you... and NO, I don't think you should have that much uninterrupted contact with Elmer! 

I called the caseworker (JATH).  She couldn't believe it and said she would call mom and talk to her.  I told her I didn't mind responding to her, but could I tell her that JATH said it was not ok?  She said, "Absolutely, you can tell her I said it is not ok!" 

So I did, and then didn't get a response.  Next I heard from her was about a month later when she wanted to meet up with his brothers.  More to come...

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